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Junior coaching In evidenza

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Well I think first and foremost thing iit should be a stimulating and fun experience I think most kids start the game a little prematurely the ideal age 

For me. Is between9to12 just when they are bright enough to understand it and physically able to have full command  of their equipment  and body movements.

Their are many opinions on how they should start hit it as hard as you can and we will straighten it up later,start with the short game and move up from there,or make a sooth balanced swing learn the correct basic fundamentals then speed it up from there as they grow with an already stable sound move these are all opinions I personally believe in the latter 2,although golf is becoming more and more of a power game,any youngster with no technique ,balance,and just smash the ballas hard as they can will create different incorrect unbalanced movements which at a young age become ingrained and very difficult later on to correct these errors generally they remain....
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