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The ball moves itself In evidenza

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The first time I heard Michael Hebron say"the ball moves itself" without. Over expanding on this  theory which seemed strange at the time,over theyears I've understood that,that simple rather ridiculous throwaway statement was infact quite profound!what he was saying was the ball is static and it is us that must move correctly our levers(arms,elbows,wrists,and club ) and our engine(the torso) in order to expell the ball to its desired position,there arethose who say just visualize the shot and hit it ,well I disagree some swing thoughts must be applied in order to start the sequence ofmovement which will enable you to produce your best is 18 holes of movements not shots.. The average golfer will think to hit the ball 2.must pass the lake3. When all has gone wrong you hear " what happened what did I do wrong?" aa pro will execute his movement consequently the shot eventually the resultamateurs think of the result first which doesn't enable them  to execute the movement correctly.. So no swing thoughts you cannot playgood golf one ok two one back one down ideal 3 or more  we start to become too technical and lose the fluidity of the swing creating tension and therefore a poor execution..focus on how you wish to move and at what speed and the results may surprise the more command you have over the body and arm movement the less negativity you will have over the ball and it's outcome,control yourself first and you will control the ball after...

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