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Anecdotes.....did this really happen?..I had a nice lady from Switzerland come for lessons,well the first thing she told me was her follow through was the best at the club and mustn't be touched(good start)..anyhow she proceeded to hit20 7irons35 meters with a pronounced pull slice..her swing was horrendous left hand grip in the palm right hand twisted to the left obviously from there she fanned the club super open inside the line then lifted the club up over her head and down her back followed by an almighty slash at the ball from the outside only to see a weak 35 yard pull slice....well first things first,15 minsto convinceheart to correct her grip and why,well I finally got her with 2 knuckle grip(not bad from -1)then I told her to her to keep the Left arm straighter which will"feel" like a half swing and then rotate the hands and forearms through the ball avoiding if possible the triple sulko finish..well the first one a bit of a top(sulk)2nd 43meters 3rd65with draw 4th 70meters 5th 85 meters 6th97meters...I've never been so. Pleased immediate results and triple the distance..well happy with myself and said come roll those arms a little earlier and get it to the hundred....then I spotted the long face"" what's wrong señora are you I'll" was the reply"what is it then you have done brilliantly today"maybe " she said but I've paid for the full swing not thehalf swing..I think you should teach me the full swing I don't like being made a fool of to which myself and her husband burst out laughing I walked to my next lesson smiling charged her half and never saw her again...WHO SAID THIS WAS AN EASY JOB!...

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